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Night Time Storage Heaters

Storage heaters work by storing heat generated by cheap night-time electricity and releasing this heat during the day. Furthermore, as night storage heaters lose their heat in the late afternoon and early evening, you may often need to use a secondary form of heating. A commonly used second source is a convector heater. This will be plugged into a socket which is running at a more expensive day rate. 

Cons of Storage Heaters:

  • They are bulky, lack the ability to be controlled tightly and offer you no influence over the distribution of heat.
  • They offer poor energy efficiency because the heater begins to lose heat as soon as it’s stored, warming the house uneconomically overnight when people are in bed asleep.
  • Storage heaters in bedrooms are a waste of time because they tend to lose all their heat during the day when the bedroom is probably unoccupied.
  • Storage heaters will typically provide insufficient heat on particularly cold days.
  • They can agitate allergies and stain walls where dust is deposited above the appliance as the hot air rises around it.
  • If you draw electricity into a night storage heater and then don’t need it because the day is naturally warm, heat will still come out and that heat is wasted.

Pros of Storage Heaters:

  • They are elegant, unobtrusive, and environmentally friendly.
  •  They have built-in energy management systems meaning they still offer lower running costs than conventional electric heaters.
  • They have totally enclosed heating elements which prevent blackening and staining of walls.
  • Precision temperature control to within .02 of degree. (Helping to maintain a comfortable environment with minimal wasted power)
  • Easy DIY installation.
  • They require little or no maintenance.
  • They allow you to fit your heating schedule to your lifestyle. (via 24/7 programming)
  • They are mild on allergies.
  • They have on-board accurate thermostats to maintain set temperatures in rooms. 

This technology makes Climastar electric radiators among the most energy efficient and low cost heating solutions available.

Why switch to electric heating?

The rise in global warming has pushed the UK Government to take strict, immediate actions to reduce our emissions by 2050. 

Gas heating is one of the biggest contributors to increased carbon emissions globally. One way the Government is planning on achieving their goal is banning the installation of gas-boilers and heaters in all new homes by 2025.

Switching to electric heating, powered by renewable energy sources, helps reduce the stress placed on our environment. 

It also provides consumers a range of added benefits including:

  • Eliminated risk of carbon-monoxide leaks
  • Reduced bill costs with extra flexibility & control
  • Superfast installation
  • Wireless & app based control
  • Faster & safer heating of your home

Switching to electric heating will help reduce your carbon footprint. It will also help you save money on your bills by lowering your energy consumption. Certain providers also offer specific apps to help you totally control your home heating and avoid those surprise bills by automatically adjusting your home’s temperature to fit with the environment.

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Before you commit to switching to electric heating, it’s important to understand the potential of your home and whether electric heating is the right choice for you. 

Our friends at CLIMASTAR UK are offering UK families a FREE, COVID-safe home survey where they will assess the viability of your house for electric heating and explain the costs associated. 

CLIMASTAR UK has been heating homes for the last 25 years, pioneering the creation of modern and efficient heating.

They are fully committed to the development and production of the most efficient and controllable electrical heating systems. They can help you get in control of your energy consumption with tailored electric heating systems.

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